Sport medicine

Hyperbaric medicine is a widespread treatment in sport. It is especially indicated to improve physical condition and athletic performance, and for the prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries, including postoperative periods. It is also used by some athletes for pre-competition physical preparation.

Benefits of hyperbaric medicine in athletes:

  • Improved fitness and athletic performance without constituting doping.
  • Increased energy and performance levels.
  • Decreased muscle fatigue and blood lactate concentration.
  • Helps the formation of muscle mass naturally.
  • Correction of the lack of oxygen suffered in an over-workout.
  • Acceleration of the recovery process of muscles, ligaments…
  • Stimulation of the production of fibroblasts and collagen, favoring healing and elasticity of tissues.
  • Anti-inflammatory and edema reducer effect.
  • Increased concentration capacity and growth factors.
  • Reduction of healing periods and rehabilitation of body tissues.