How is the treatment?

As a rule, hyperbaric oxygen therapy does not require hospitalization, so it takes just under two hours a day. The patient, dressed in loose and comfortable clothes – preferably cotton – accesses the camera accompanied by our staff, without electronic objects – mobile phones or ebooks – and with a bottle of water.

The HIPEROX hyperbaric chamber has a maximum capacity of six people – or a stretcher and two more people – and a two-seater antechamber to be able to enter or leave the chamber without pausing the treatment.

During treatment, the air pressure in the room is approximately two to three times higher than the normal air pressure. This pressure is not noticeable in the body beyond feeling warm and by the temporary feeling of having your ears clogged, similar to airplane ear. That feeling can be relieved by yawning or swallowing.

After treatment you may feel tired or hungry, but treatment does not limit normal daily activities or affect driving.