Types of treatment

The treatments that HIPEROX carries out are very varied, but they are based on the standardized tables of the U.S. Navy. Even so, each case is evaluated individually to adapt the treatment to the patient’s needs.

How is the treatment?

As a general rule, hyperbaric oxygen therapy does not require hospitalisation, so it takes just under two hours a day. The treatment does not limit normal daily activities or affect driving.


Sessions in the hyperbaric chamber can be individual or group – several patients at the same time -, depending on the patient’s conditions.


At HIPEROX we issue various certificates:

Hyperbaric Certificate

Tolerance Test in the Hyperbaric Chamber

Certificate of Availability of Hyperbaric Chamber

How to go?

If you have had a diving accident, contact 112. If you have been redirected to this service by the Social Security or your private insurance, follow their instructions. If you are not in any of these cases, contact us.

Travel insurance

Most travel insurances include hyperbaric chamber treatments for underwater accidents, as long as the option that includes risk sports has been contracted and the parameters of the dive are within the stipulated characteristics.